A merry dance of Catholic social doctrine, permaculture, distributism, and other odd answers to pressing questions

Watch those last-minute ornaments.

2007 Dec 24, 12:04 Mon

[Making Christmas Ornaments for Wal-Mart] Heading out for last-minute Christmas gifts? Me too. But if you're in the market for Christmas ornaments, and you're eyeing those cheap MADE IN CHINA specials, think again.
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    Life is made of pennies. We think in terms of dollars: thousands of dollars, millions, billions, trillions. You might not even pick a penny off the ground. But the most gigantic corporation would wither and die without pennies. And for many a man, woman, and child, a few hundred pennies is the work of a day.

    We don't control great fortunes, but we do control our pennies. We don't control our years, but we do control this moment. Billionare or beggar, we live one instant at a time.