A merry dance of Catholic social doctrine, permaculture, distributism, and other odd answers to pressing questions

Vol. I, No. 10

Chesterton: Pacifism and the Right Kind of War

2008 Jul 28, 18:25 Mon tags: , ,

...he defends the only sort of war I thoroughly despise, the bullying of small states for their oil or gold; and he despises the only sort of war that I really defend, a war of civilisations and religions, to determine the moral destiny of mankind.   more »

Vol. I, No. 10

Chesterton: On Fighting from Fear and Patriotic Criticism

2008 Jul 08, 16:11 Tue tags: , ,

The atmospheric ugliness that surrounds our scientific war is an emanation from that evil panic which is at the heart of it.   more »

Vol. I, No. 9

Pius XII: Avoiding the Twin Rocks of Shipwreck

2008 Jun 06, 12:00 Fri tags:

Accordingly, twin rocks of shipwreck must be carefully avoided. For, as one is wrecked upon, or comes close to, what is known as "individualism" by denying or minimizing the social and public character of the right of property, so by rejecting or minimizing the private and individual character of this same right, one inevitably runs into "collectivism" or at least closely approaches its tenets.   more »

Vol. I, No. 8

Poor People Have No Business Starting a Business (Right?)

2008 May 21, 12:00 Wed tags:

New business owners "experience considerably greater pride and happiness in their work." But they would make more money if they worked in a factory. What are they thinking?   more »

Vol. I, No. 7

Let's Print Our Own Money

2008 Apr 28, 12:00 Mon tags:

Did you know it's legal to print your own money? You can't print money that looks like government money, of course, but as long as it looks different, you're clear. Why would anyone do this? Just ask the hundreds of communites all over the world that print their own local currency.

At first sight, local currencies are just plain fun. Anyone that's ever played Monopoly remembers the thrill of handling those colorful little dollars. Imagine being able to make your own money! Now you find that grownups are actually doing just that.   more »

Vol. I, No. 6

If Cars Ran on Grass (part 2)

2008 Mar 31, 12:00 Mon tags:

The human body at walking speed is really quite different from the human body at thirty or sixty miles an hour, encased in two tons of steel. You can't interact with people driving in cars. Drivers aren't even supposed to interact all that much with their passengers. (I'm one of those annoying shotgun riders who steadfastly ignores driver eye contact. We're in a careening transport pod, and one of us, in theory, is steering.)   more »

Vol. I, No. 5

If Cars Ran on Grass (part 1)

2008 Mar 7, 12:00 Fri tags:

The most obvious problem with cars is that they kill people. Somehow, we've accepted this as a fact of life, but let's look at the actual death toll.   more »

Vol. I, No. 4

On the Word "Distributism"

2008 Jan 26, 12:00 Sat tags:

People sometimes say that if Distributism has so much in common with Catholic social teaching, why don't any encyclicals mention it? It's true. They don't. But they do mention another word: distributive, as in: distributive justice.   more »

Vol. I, No. 3

Local Food Is Easier Than You Think: Farmers' Markets and CSAs

2008 Jan 12, 12:00 Sat tags:

Imagine getting a full bin of fresh fruits and vegetables every week, all summer long.

The freshest possible carrots, of course, are yanked from your own garden. I do think everyone who can move ought to have a garden, but that's not the same as gardening _all_ your own produce. We don't all have the land, skills, or desire for that little project. (Yet.) So how can we get fresh produce if we don't grow our own?   more »

Vol. I, No. 2

Our Peculiar Light

2007 Dec 26, 12:00 Wed tags:

But we have a peculiar light: our tremendous power of choice. When Elizabethan England began to import sugar and rum from the new tropical plantations, did everyone know these new products were made by slaves? Perhaps. But normal people had pretty much one option: don't buy them. They couldn't hop on the Internet and order from a worker-owned sugar co-op. Nor could they research a mountain of medical evidence and find out _on their own_ that the new corporate products happened to be refined to the point of poison anyhow.

We can. You can. On this very screen you're staring at.   more »

Vol. I, No. 1

Changing the Structure

2007 Dec 12, 08:00 Fri tags:

We don't control great fortunes, but we do control our pennies. We don't control our years, but we do control this moment. Billionare or beggar, we live one instant at a time.   more »

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    Life is made of pennies. We think in terms of dollars: thousands of dollars, millions, billions, trillions. You might not even pick a penny off the ground. But the most gigantic corporation would wither and die without pennies. And for many a man, woman, and child, a few hundred pennies is the work of a day.

    We don't control great fortunes, but we do control our pennies. We don't control our years, but we do control this moment. Billionare or beggar, we live one instant at a time.