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Distributism Defined

2008 Jun 06, 23:30 Fri tags:

How did the Distributist League define "Distributism"?

The following selection appeared regularly in G.K.'s Weekly, the official paper of the Distributist League.

All who believe that ownership in the means of livelihood is normal to man, and necessary to liberty, and all who dislike and distrust the concentration of control advocated by Socialists and practiced by Monopolists, should join the League.

THE LEAGUE offers the only practical alternative to the twin evils of Capitalism and Socialism. It is equally opposed to both; they both result in the concentration of property and power in a few hands to the enslavement of the majority.


  • For the Liberty of the Individual and the Family Against interference by busybodies, monopolies, or the State.

  • Personal Liberty will be restored mainly by the better Distribution of Property (i.e. ownership of land, houses, workshops, gardens, means of production, etc.).

  • The Better Distribution of Property will be achieved by protecting and facilitating the ownership of individual enterprises in land, shops, and factories.

Thus THE LEAGUE fights for:

  • Small Shops and Shopkeepers against multiple shops and trusts.

  • Individual Craftmanship and Cooperation in industrial enterprises. (Every worker should own a share in the Assets and Control of the business in which he works).

  • The Small Holder and the Yeoman Farmer against monopolists of large inadequately farmed estates.

  • And the Maximum, instead of the minimum initiative on the part of the citizen.

-- G.K.'s Weekly, March 29, 1929

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