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2008 Jun 07, 12:58 Sat

Here's where I record significant changes to Penny Justice.

Migrating to Pyblosxom

2008 Jun 07, 13:00 Sat

As you can see, I've changed the site a bit! Ezines now appears in "normal" text, rather than the fixed-width emailish sort of look. I'm using a new platform, pyblosxom, which should make it easier for me to update the site. I've also discovered markdown, which converts the plain text of an email ezine into beautiful HTML. (Pyblosxom uses pymarkdown.)

And I'm adding little touches here and there, such as the entry navigation at the bottom, which should make the site more pleasant to use. Also, the links are much shorter; Vol. 1, No. 9, for instance, is simply http://pennyjustice.com/01/09.

Of course, migration always means the potential for problems. Please let me know if you have any trouble, or any suggestions. Thanks!

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    Penny Justice is a free bimonthly ezine featuring thoughts, news, resources, and concrete ideas on how to live justice right now, one penny and one moment at a time.

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    Life is made of pennies. We think in terms of dollars: thousands of dollars, millions, billions, trillions. You might not even pick a penny off the ground. But the most gigantic corporation would wither and die without pennies. And for many a man, woman, and child, a few hundred pennies is the work of a day.

    We don't control great fortunes, but we do control our pennies. We don't control our years, but we do control this moment. Billionare or beggar, we live one instant at a time.