A merry dance of Catholic social doctrine, permaculture, distributism, and other odd answers to pressing questions

Welcome to Penny Justice, a new bimonthly ezine featuring thoughts, news, resources, and concrete ideas on how to live justice in your real life, not some alternate universe where you transmogrify into Mother Teresa.

Key Texts for Social Justice

2008 Sep 20, 7:54 Sat tags:

Links to the Vatican translations of the social encyclicals and major modern Church documents on social justice, all on one page.   more »

Vol. I, No. 11

Chesterton: A real vote or a lord's jest?

2008 Sep 20, 05:37 Sat tags:

The democracy has a right to answer questions, but it has no right to ask them.   more »

Vol. I, No. 10

Chesterton: Pacifism and the Right Kind of War

2008 Jul 28, 18:25 Mon tags: , ,

...he defends the only sort of war I thoroughly despise, the bullying of small states for their oil or gold; and he despises the only sort of war that I really defend, a war of civilisations and religions, to determine the moral destiny of mankind.   more »

Vol. I, No. 10

Chesterton: On Fighting from Fear and Patriotic Criticism

2008 Jul 08, 16:11 Tue tags: , ,

The atmospheric ugliness that surrounds our scientific war is an emanation from that evil panic which is at the heart of it.   more »


2008 Jun 07, 12:58 Sat

As you can see, I've changed the site a bit!   more »

Current Backmatter for Penny Justice

2008 Jun 06 23:30 Fri

Revised 2008 Jun 07, 12:57 Sat   more »

Distributism Defined

2008 Jun 06, 23:30 Fri tags:

How did the Distributist League define "Distributism"?   more »

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    Penny Justice is not currently active, but you can still browse the back issues. For a daily quote from the social documents, follow @socialteaching on Twitter, or use the RSS feed. You may also enjoy reading the Distributist Review.

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    Penny Justice is a free bimonthly ezine featuring thoughts, news, resources, and concrete ideas on how to live justice right now, one penny and one moment at a time.

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    Life is made of pennies. We think in terms of dollars: thousands of dollars, millions, billions, trillions. You might not even pick a penny off the ground. But the most gigantic corporation would wither and die without pennies. And for many a man, woman, and child, a few hundred pennies is the work of a day.

    We don't control great fortunes, but we do control our pennies. We don't control our years, but we do control this moment. Billionare or beggar, we live one instant at a time.